Comparison between Evaporative Air Cooler and Conventional Air Conditioner

Evaporative Air Cooling

Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Uses only 10% of the electricity compared with conventional air conditioner. Uses large amounts of electrical power because of compressor.
As temperature rises efficiency of the Evaporative Air Cooler improves. As temperature rises efficiency of the air conditioner reduces.
Cooling capacity is only limited by the air conditions. Up to 50KW of cooling can be achieved with only 1 KW of electricity used Cooling is limited by theoretical Coefficient of Performance which means a maximum of 3.5 KW of cooling for 1 KW of electricity consumed.
Open doors and windows do not affect performance Open doors and windows significantly reduce performance.
Uses no harmful gases for its function. So, Evaporative Air Cooler is Eco-Friendly. Uses environmentally harmful gases.
Avoiding relative humidity below 50% significantly reduces static electricity problems Leads to low relative humidity which can create high static electricity conditions.
Few moving parts – one fan, one pump and three solenoid valves. Many moving parts including complex and expensive components such as the compressor.
Easy and simple to service. More difficult and expensive to service.
Always supplies 100% fresh air. Only supplies about 15% fresh air. 85% is re-circulated. It is not fresh.
Air is cooled only once. Air is cooled many times.
Has no upper limit on temperature. High ambient temperatures can lead equipment to shut down due to compressor overload.
Have bigger fans – pump large amounts of air.­­­ Smaller fans – pump less air.
Provides flow of fresh cool air. Provides cool, re-circulated, stale air.
Provides stable relative humidity levels which are more comfortable to work in. Can lead to low Relative Humidity which is not comfortable.
Simple to create positive pressure in buildings giving hygiene and control benefits. More difficult to create positive pressure with recirculation systems.
Operating costs are low. Operating costs are typically high.
An evaporative cooler operates on 240-volt electricity, which means they don’t need special high-voltage circuits. Some of the air conditioners require special high-voltage circuits.

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